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Wiesbaden is the second largest city in the state of Hesse after Frankfurt, and one of the core cities of the Rhine-Main area including Frankfurt, Mainz and Darmstadt. Wiesbaden's southern neighborhoods are on the right bank of the Rhine opposite the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Mainz, Wiesbaden's downtown is only five kilometers away from the river. In the north of Wiesbaden is the Taunus, which main ridge is running in the north-east direction.

The so called "Aquae Mattiacorum" which was in today’s city center has already been there in Roman times. This term referred to the Mattiaker who lived there, a tribe of Germanic chatting. A little later, built on the site of Wiesbaden, civilian Romans began to settle, taking advantage of the hot springs in the region. Towards the end of the fourth century the Alemanni Wiesbaden took over and a century later, the first Franken were drawn into the town. In the ninth century the place was called "Wisabada" and became the seat of a royal court. From the late Middle Ages Wiesbaden was eventually owned by the Count of Nassau. In the 16th century devastating fires raged in the city, which destroyed almost all medieval buildings and the Thirty Years' War led to serious damage in the city of Wiesbaden. The city was finally extended and completely repaved starting in 1690. In 1744 the prince Karl of Nassau-Usingen moved its headquarters to the Schloss Biebrich and about a century later Wiesbaden became the capital of the Duchy of Nassau. In 1866, Nassau was annexed by Prussia. Although Wiesbaden was no longer a royal residence now, it still experienced a boom as a spa resort and congress city attracting many visitors, such as Kaiser Wilhelm II. and his court. The population grew, so in the early 20th century necessary extensions of the city were built and they created numerous buildings in the style of historicism, classicism and Art Nouveau.

Attractions in Wiesbaden that you should discover with your escort service

Unlike in many other German cities, the destruction of the bombing in World War II was not as massive. Although severe assaults on Wiesbaden were flown, thanks to bad weather they did not unfold their full destructive power. While the inner cities elsewhere were destroyed to 70 or 80 percent, Wiesbaden escaped with a destruction of only about one-third of the buildings. For this reason, you can still admire a variety of historic buildings within a discovery tour with your escort lady from the escort service through Wiesbaden today. Wiesbaden's city is characterized by a particularly harmonious overall picture. This is because many buildings downtown (namely 1850-1914) were built by the same builders in about the same period. Examples of this are the Dichterviertel, the Rheingauviertel or the general neighborhood. You can also discover some representative buildings of Wiesbaden's time as a world-famous spa town. This includes for example the Kurhaus, the Market Church, the Hessian State Theatre or the Ring Church.

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Many attractions are located within the historical pentagon, the historical center of Wiesbaden. At the Schlossplatz you can also see the old town hall, which is the oldest building in town with its construction 1608-1610. Also on Schlossplatz is the new city hall, which was built in the late 19th century. Not to be overlooked is the city palace of the Dukes of Nassau, which also served Kaiser Wilhelm II. as a residence during his visits. Today the City Palace is the seat of the Parliament of Hessen.

Accompanied by an escort you can stroll down the noble Wilhelmstrasse that leads to the edge of the historical pentagon. Here you will find exclusive shops and elegant cafés. If you have reached the end of the Wilhelmstrasse, you are at the Kureck with the bowling green, the Kurhauskolonnaden and the Kurhaus with the famous Casino.

Things to do in Wiesbaden with your escort lady

In Wiesbaden you will not get bored, because the city is characterized by a diverse cultural landscape. Center of the Wiesbaden theater life is the Hessian State Theatre with its five divisions drama, opera, children's and youth theater and ballet, but also smaller playhouses and groups enliven the theater scene. A very special experience is a visit to the "Velvets Black & Light Theater". This is a "Black Theatre", one of the few in the world. Your escort service gladly makes the necessary arrangements.

If you want to relax, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme is the right choice in Wiesbaden. This is a historical thermal bath, which is fed from the second largest thermal source in Wiesbaden. In the Irish-Roman bath, you can leave everything stressful behind and also take advantage of the varied sauna. The Gesundheitsbad Aukammta is located in Wiesbaden as well. You can relax wonderfully there with your escort lady.

Perhaps you are also in the mood for shopping? Wiesbaden is one of the most popular shopping towns where shops are just waiting to be visited by you and your escort lady. Luxurious and exclusive items attract visitors in the Wilhelmstrasse and Taunusstrasse with its antique shops, but also art and design items can be found here. The modern shopping center invite you to enjoy shopping.


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