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The university town of Ulm is located at the southeastern edge of the Swabian Alb, right on the Danube and is now a major city in Baden-Württemberg near the border to Bavaria. The official history of the city began in 854 when King Louis the German sealed a certificate there and so provided the first official mention. In 850 Ulm was declared a royal palace called "Hulma". You couldn’t call it a city back then, because there were only a few farms and cottages on the banks of the Danube and the river Blue. Protected by the Palatinate an economic development with various craft shops and a market place took place - the small settlement grew into the city of Ulm.

But actually Ulm dates back much further. Prehistoric remains from different eras have in fact indicated that the area of ​​today’s Ulm was not only inhabited in pre-Roman times, but the intersection of several nationally important transport and trade routes.

Ulm’s cityscape

The attraction, no visitors of Ulm can ignore, is of course the Ulmer Münster (cathedral), for which the city is well known. This main town church was built in Gothic style and has the hitherto highest spire in the world with 161.53 meters. In addition to the main tower the Ulm Cathedral has two other choir towers flanking the steeple. They are also relatively high, at 86 meters. If you are on foot, you can climb the main tower to a height of about 143 meters and enjoy a unique view of Ulm and its surroundings. On days with foehn weather the view extends even beyond the Upper Swabia to the Alps.

Until the Second World War Ulm was rich in centuries-old monuments from different periods, which were largely destroyed during the war. In fact, just one-fifth of the original old town buildings remained. Some old buildings were built up again, including for example, the historic town hall, the oath house and the granary. Today, the city is a combination of old and new. No remarkable buildings were created right after the war in favor of the rapid reconstruction, but some interesting buildings emerged more recently, e.g. in the direct vicinity of the cathedral, such as the new city library as a "glass pyramid" or the art hall “Weishaupt”. Architects used the contrasting effect between the historical and modern buildings.

One fifth of the remaining old town buildings are very important and most interesting monuments. One of them is the stone house which dates back to the 12th to 13th centuries and thus represents the oldest building in town. Entire districts whose historical buildings were not destroyed in the war, are the Fishermen's Quarter and the district “On The Cross”. You can stroll through narrow medieval streets and admire several houses dating from before the 17th century with an interesting escort lady.

Also worth seeing and striking the cityscape are the Metzgerturm and Gänsturm, both of which were originally built as part of the fortification. The Metzgerturm is also called the "Leaning Tower of Ulm", because it leans about 3.3 degrees since it was built on formerly marshy ground.

Enjoy culture and recreation with your escort lady in Ulm

The city of Ulm has some very attractive cultural offerings. You can not only inform yourself about local history in the Ulmer Museum, but also about natural history, archeology and crafts. The Donauschwäbische Central Museum presents the history of the Danube Swabians since its opening in 2000. If you are an art lover, you should definitely pay a visit to the Weishaupt, where an extensive private collection of contemporary art is accessible to the public. The focus is on works of art of the second half of the 20th century to the present day.

The municipal theater, which operates under the name "Theater Ulm", was founded in 1641 and is the oldest theater in Germany. The program includes musical theater, ballet and drama, the "Philharmonic Orchestra of Ulm" is also affiliated to it.

If you want to relax in nature, a visit to the Friedrichsau, the recreational area of ​​the city of Ulm, is a great opportunity. The Friedrichsau is surprisingly easy to reach, because after 30 minutes by foot you are already at your destination. Of course, you may as well go to Friedrichsau by bus, train or with the passenger ship on the Danube. There you will find parks, a fairground and the zoo of Ulm, in which animals can be admired in six districts. A special highlight is the Danube aquarium where the visitor will be presented with native fish species that can be found in the Danube.

Gastronomy and hotel recommendations for Ulm

Dumplings, “Spätzle” (regional type of noodles) and tripe - those typical Swabian specialties are what you can get in the gastronomic establishments of Ulm and Neu-Ulm. Rustic inns invite you to enjoy exquisite delicacies of the region. Perhaps you would like to enjoy international cuisine accompanied by an escort - this is also possible in Ulm.

The hotel landscape of Ulm leaves no wish unfulfilled. How about, for example, if you stayed in a central location close to the Ulmer Münster? Whether simple standard hotel or first class comfort hotel, you will find the right accommodation for your stay in Ulm.



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