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Winter sports paradise Kitzbühel

The Austrian town of Kitzbühel in the north-east Tyrol, located in the midst of the Kitzbüheler Alps, is widely known and popular as a place of attraction for winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world. The town itself is quite small with less than 10,000 inhabitants, but Kitzbühel is still the most important winter sports center in Austria. The village is located at the foot of the Hahnenkamm (1712 meters) and the Kitzbüheler Horn (1996 meters), which creates ideal winter sports conditions for Kitzbühel. The density of the beds is unusually high, because there are about 10,000 hotel and pension beds in and around the town, which are available to guests all over the world.

Kitzbühel is also well-known for its popularity with the jet set, as numerous celebrities and other members of the Upper Class spend a lot of time in Kitzbühel. This is especially the case during the traditional Hahnenkamm race, the important ski run which attracts up to 100,000 visitors every year.

In a place that is so much focused on visitors from home and abroad, there is a lot to see and do during your stay in Kitzbühel. It will not be boring for you and your escort lady!

Enjoy sights and culture in Kitzbühel accompanied by your escort

One of the sights in the small town of Kitzbühel is the old Katharinenkirche, which was built between 1360 and 1365. You can find the high-gothic church in the middle of the town center. The Katharinenkirche is difficult to miss, because its striking tower with pointed helmet surpasses all buildings in the surrounding area and is thus widely visible. The whole place is picturesque and beautiful, so you can walk around the streets and alleys of Kitzbühel in any case! You can admire many tranquil, quaint houses that have been preserved over the years, since Kitzbuehel was spared from destruction in the Second World War.

If you want to learn more about the city of Kitzbuehel, visit the Museum Kitzbühel! It was once a local museum, but between 1995 and 2002 extensive reconstruction and extension work took place in the house. Today, the Kitzbühel Museum is a modern museum that informs about the culture and history of Kitzbühel. In addition, special exhibitions on interesting topics regularly take place.

Kitzbühel has produced some famous sons and daughters, including the painter and architect Alfons Walde, whose mountain house you can be visited today. A fresco by the Austrian painter Max Weiler can be found in the Volkshochschule Kitzbühel.

Sports and leisure in Kitzbühel - An experience with an escort from the escort service

However, most people come to Kitzbuehel to indulge in winter sports, either actively or passively. The extensive ski areas around Kitzbühel invite you to go skiing and snowboarding, and of course you can also enjoy the beautiful nature. During your stay in Kitzbühel, you and your escort lady can find 56 cable cars and lifts, as well as a 40 km cross-country ski trails and 168 km of downhill runs. Kitzbühel offers you everything that the winter sports heart desires! Whether you are already an experienced skier or have yet to learn how to hold on to the boards - in Kitzbuehel you will surely have fun. The escort service can also help you with information about local ski schools!

But even if Kitzbühel is known as a winter sports resort, it is also a worthwhile destination in the summer. Especially for hikers there is much to discover in the mountains. 500 km of hiking trails are waiting to be explored by you. As a mountain biker, you will also have a great time, because many kilometers are available for you. Furthermore, Kitzbühel has four golf courses and six tennis courts so you have the opportunity to practice these sports. How about jumping into cool water? The indoor swimming pool Aquarena invites you to swim and relax, but a visit to the Schwarzsee, one of the warmest and most beautiful bathing lakes in the Alpine area, is surely worth your while as well.

Hotels in Kitzbühel

Hotels in Kitzbühel are not a scarce commodity, as already mentioned, there are over 10,000 beds for visitors in the town. Of course the choice is all the more difficult - should it be a luxury hotel or a simpler accommodation? In order to make the decision easier for you, your escort service has compiled a few recommendations for you!

Hotel Zur Tenne

+43 5356 64 44 40



+43 5356 6 31 81


Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort

+43 5356 632110

Restaurants in Kitzbühel

In Kitzbühel you can not only go skiing and hiking, but also eat really well. The offer ranges from gourmet restaurant to the inn, from regional cuisine to dishes from all over the world. Below are the addresses of some restaurants that we can recommend.

Gasthaus Chizzo

+43 5356  64 50 0


Lois Stern

+43 5356 7 48 82


Restaurant Rasmushof

+43 5356 65 25 20