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The Schleswig-Holstein state capital of Kiel has many facets. It is the seat of the traditional Christian-Albrechts-University, which was already founded in 1665. It is also a base for the German Navy and has an economically important Baltic Sea port. Last but not least, Kiel is also the venue for the Kiel Week, which has given the city an international reputation on the Baltic Sea. After all, Kiel Week is the largest sailing event in the world! And a traditional one, as the first Kiel week took place in July 1882. Since then, this event attracts numerous visitors every year. Do not miss this spectacle and enjoy time together with your escort lady just like from an escort service.

But not only has the famous sailing event had a long tradition. The city itself has a long history. Kiel was founded between 1233 and 1242 by Count Adolf IV of Holstein from the house of Schauenburg for the simple reason that on today's Kiel Fjord the only possibility for a Saxon Baltic Sea port existed. In 1238, Kiel entered the Hanseatic League, but the long-distance trade of the city did not approach the extent of the distance trade of the cities of Lübeck and Flensburg. For this reason Kiel was finally excluded from the Hanseatic League at the beginning of the 16th century. On the other hand, the “Kieler Umschlag”, which took place for the first time in 1431, has great importance. It is described as a free market where money was traded for a week and at the end of which a folk festival was celebrated. The folk festival is still celebrated in Kiel.

The current name of the city of Kiel is an abbreviation, since originally Kiel was called "Holstenstadt tom Kyle", the y being pronounced as a long i in the Low German. The name meant as much as "Holsten city at the Fjord" and in the course of time became a short and concise "Kiel" in everyday language.

Discover the sights in Kiel with your escort service

The cityscape of Kiel is particularly marked by the proximity to the sea, which is more than evident in many places. A great way to see all these places is the Blaue Weg, which takes you through the historic and modern Kiel and provides you with interesting information about the maritime history of Kiel. You can go on a tour by foot or bike accompanied by an escort lady. An interesting sight is, for example, the remains of the fortress Friedrichsort, the only sea fortress in Germany. It was built in 1632, substantially altered in the 19th century, and finally destroyed during the 1944 bombing war. Also take a look at the imposing Lindenau shipyard, learn about the Kiel Canal and visit the former naval academy and the marina! Even the huge cruise ships which take course towards the city of Kiel are always an attraction for tourists. Under no circumstances should you and your escort lady miss a harbor round trip, where you can learn a lot of interesting things and enjoy the maritime flair.

The already mentioned bomb warfare largely destroyed Kiel's inner city, so that most of the buildings that can be seen today still have to be rebuilt to resemble the original buildings. This applies, for example, to the town hall, the opera house, the St. Nikolai church and the Luther church. From the Kiel castle of the counts from the house of Schauenburg today only the west wing is preserved, after the main building had to be demolished in the 1950s because of the extensive war damages.

Enjoy leisure activities with your escort in Kiel

The fact that the city of Kiel is characterized by its proximity to the sea also provides for all kinds of leisure activities. It goes without saying that a world famous sailing city offers excellent water sports facilities. But also those who are not fond of sailing or who are fond of being on the water otherwise will find plenty of recreational opportunities in Kiel.

If you like to be on foot, you can get enough exercise in and around Kiel. Many routes are ideal for long walks or hikes with your escort service, such as the fjord promenade on the west bank, the surroundings of Kleine Kiel, and the picturesque coastline at Kiel-Friedrichsort with its dune-rich sandy beaches. In addition, Kiel has an extensive network of "green trails" that take you to the most beautiful and restful squares in the city. Your escort service will be pleased to provide you with further information. The hiking trails of the trail net connect attractive recreation areas such as parks, inland lakes and moors.

Accommodation and gastronomy

Whether you are in Kiel for business or pleasure, you can be sure to have a comfortable place to stay after an eventful day. You do not have to look far in the harbor city, because Kiel is well prepared for visitors from Germany and abroad. You also don’t have to do without culinary delights, because Kieler Sprats and Fliederbeersuppe (elder soup) are by far not the only culinary specialties that come from Kiel. Although you should taste regional cuisine, you will also find international food in Kiel.

Below you will find some hotels and restaurants that your escort service recommends.


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