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Karlsruhe – Residence of Justice

In contrast to many other German cities, Karlsruhe is a very young city. It was only when Margrave of Baden-Durlach laid the foundation stone for his new castle, the castle of Karlsruhe, in 1715 that the history of the town of Karlsruhe took its course. An old story says that the margrave had previously slept in the forest near Durlach and had dreamed of a castle that was at the center of a radically expanding city. Margrave Karl-Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach was then able to design his dream city named after the his story "Karlsruhe" and ultimately build it. Even today, the city's radiant pattern can still be seen: in the center of a circle lies the Karlsruhe castle, and from there, 32 alleys lead to all directions of heaven. Viewed from above, this pattern also has a certain resemblance to a fan, so that the city of Karlsruhe is sometimes also referred to as "fan city".

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If one considers the relatively late foundation of the city of Karlsruhe, it is not surprising that no historical old town with medieval alleyways and corners is found in Karlsruhe. Nevertheless, Karlsruhe's cityscape is worth a visit, after all, one does not see such a city, designed on the drawing board, too often. In addition, Karlsruhe Castle is an impressive sight. In the former residence of the Margrave, the Badische Landesmuseum is one of the most active museums in Germany. It provides information on both cultural and national history as well as on art history. The many neoclassical buildings in Karlsruhe's inner city, which are largely reminiscent of the architect Friedrich Weinbrenner, are absolutely worth seeing. These buildings include the town hall, the market square with the evangelical city church and the parish church of St. Stephan, one of the most important neo-classical dome structures in Southern Germany.

In addition to the Badisches Landesmuseum, there are other interesting museums in Karlsruhe, such as the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, the Städtische Galerie and the Museum am Markt, which includes collections on applied art since 1900. At the Stadtmuseum in the Prinz-Max-Palais, you can inform yourself about the reputation of Karlsruhe as a residence of law, and also at the Rechtshistorisches Museum in the Federal Court of Justice.

The Center for Art and Media Technology, ZKM for short, is extremely exciting for many visitors. The ZKM is the world's largest facility for media art, in which art that incorporates modern technology, is exhibited, listed and produced.

As a theatrical friend you will surely find something good in the Karlsruhe-based Badisches Staatstheater. But also various privately managed houses invite to theater visits accompanied by an escort lady. The Kammertheater is, for example, a professional boulevard stage with a varied program, similar to the Sandkorntheater. A very special experience is a visit to the Marotte Figurentheater, which shows pieces for adults and children. Your escort service will be happy to assist you with your reservation when planning a theater visit together with an escort lady.

Leisure and entertainment for you and your Karlsruhe Escort

Karlsruhe is a city in the green, because it covers over 900 hectares of public green spaces like parks, gardens and other green areas. Consequently, a green spot for breathing and relaxing is never far away, no matter where you are in Karlsruhe! Whether you want to go for a leisurely stroll or appreciate green areas for the exercise of your sport - you are well taken care of in this respect in Karlsruhe. Especially the beautiful gardens are to be mentioned, including the Schlossgarten, the Botanical Garden and the Nymphengarten.

The city zoo is also part of the city's gardens, because to admire exotic animals, you only have to visit the city garden in Karlsruhe. All in all, the zoo and city garden stretch over a total of 22 hectares, and various walks invite you to discover them. The zoo is home to the Oberwald animal garden, a closed recreation forest where various wild animals of cold and temperate zones live in large free spaces and defy wind and weather. Here you can relax with a forest walk and inhale fresh forest air.

If you prefer to refresh yourself in the cool water, you also have enough places to find in Karlsruhe. In the summer, you can visit one of the surrounding dug-outs, but Karlsruhe's outdoor and indoor swimming pools are also worth their entrance fees, as they can score especially with excellent water quality. A special experience is the visit of the historic Vierordtbad, an impressive bathing house inaugurated in 1900. Here you can enjoy the bathing fun or enjoy the wonderfully large sauna area.

Good food in Karlsruhe

After the many new impressions in the beautiful Karlsruhe you can certainly use good food to get your strength back. Perhaps it is only a small, hearty snack on the way, but you may also want to enjoy an exclusive dinner in a gourmet restaurant. In Karlsruhe you will find various restaurants offering international and exotic cuisine, as well as local restaurants serving German Hausmannskost (home cooked meals). During your visit to Karlsruhe, you should not forget to get to know the Baden cuisine and taste local specialties. In the following, your escort service has compiled a few recommendations from a very wide range of gastronomy companies:

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Good sleep in Karlsruhe

Also in terms of hotels, you have a wide choice in Karlsruhe, so you will find the right room for your stay in the city.

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