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The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen lies in the north of Germany and is known to almost everyone due to the famous story of the Bremen Town Musicians, told by the Brothers Grimm. The beautiful image of the Weser, when ships sail into the port of Bremen - an impressive spectacle that you should take a look at along with a lady of your escort service Bremen. The really big ships are processed in the neighboring city of Bremerhaven, where the largest German fishing port is located. In the past, many emigrants started their journey right here, through the Atlantic to America.

Romance along the Weser with your escort service in Bremen

The city of Bremen is more than 1,200 years old, at the beginning ruled by a bishop. From here, Christianity spread in the Baltic region and to all of Scandinavia. Products thereof can still be admired today with a lady of your escort service. Over time, the city of Bremen became a very important trading center. The merchants became richer and richer and thus more confident.

Bremen attractions that you should visit with a lady of your escort service

Bremer Ratskeller

The Bremer Ratskeller fascinates visitors with its appearance and also with its content. Under the great vaulted ceiling specialties from Bremen are served. That this beautiful Ratskeller (city hall cellar) is also called "delicious city hall-foundation", is due to the wines. They are served in the restaurant and sweeten every night for you and the lady of your escort service. In the "treasury" noble bottlings are stored, you should definitely check out with a lady of your escort service in Bremen. The oldest cask wine of Germany slumbers in the well-known Rosenkeller. The name does not come from the rosy wine color. Try it out with your escorts in Bremen, you won’t regret it. Earlier it was common to name a very high quality wine after a beautiful flower, the rose. Hence the somewhat misleading name. Still, this wine is drinkable, but because of its value, however, it is only used very rarely.

The Fallturm “drop tower”

The well-known drop tower soars into the sky with its 146 m. In the 110 m long tube scientists can perform gravity experiments. Maybe have a look at it with your escort lady here in Bremen. Usually the escort ladies of Bremen are all for the freefall which lasts around 10 seconds. The drop tower in Bremen is thus a truly unique research facility, worldwide. Even if you or your lady of your escort service are not very interested in technology, this tower is a great getaway in Bremen. From the spire you have a spectacular view across Bremen. Which lady in Bremen would not like that? The rooms can be rented for parties or meetings as well. As part of a tour of the operation, the visitors are introduced to the topic of weightlessness. So everyone should be excited about it at the end. Through a lecture with a film screening and small experiments, visitors experience our relation to this topic. Take a look in the control room, from which researchers control their experiments.

Events whose visit is worth with an escort in Bremen


Let yourself and your escort lady Bremen be surprised by the motley activities in the market. Since 1986 every Saturday artisans and live musicians can be found at this location from May to September. Experience it together with your escort lady from Bremen. If filigree crafts and peppy music will lift your spirits, then you should definitely got to the Kajenmarkt. Why not visit it together with a lady of your escort service. Whether you are young or young in mind - on this shopping mile every guest fell in love with it and since you're accompanied by a lady of your escort service it might happen to you, too. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, here more than ever. Local gastronomes will make sure you are well fed and satisfied. It's a really great experience to visit this market, together with an escort lady from Bremen.

Hotels and restaurants in Bremen

The SPARTA restaurant is located in Bremen Lesum and offers authentic Greek wine and excellent Greek cuisine. Greece is brought closer to you through the delicious food. Among the specialties of the house are gyros, souvlaki, lamb and fish dishes that are prepared at a high level of course. Moreover, dishes made of beef, chicken, turkey and pasta are on the menu.

If you prefer it a bit more rustic you can find something in the old town specifically in the “Schnorrviertel”. You can dine excellently in the cozy and rustic premises of Beck's in'n Snoor. The fish menu offers plaice, salmon on a gravy made with herbs, plaice "house style" and of course, delicious meat dishes, soups and appetizers. Accompanied by one of the escorts from Bremen you will surely find the right dish for you.

Turmhotel Weserblick

The building is located in a former mansion and is just a stone's throw away from the city center of Bremen. This family-run hotel offers tastefully furnished rooms, where you, with your escort lady, can enjoy yourselves properly. This will certainly be confirmed by your escort lady from Bremen after a magical night. Another highlight is the stylish tower room, which offers a beautiful view of the river Weser. Enjoy this view together with your lady of your escort service.

Hotel "Zum Werdersee"

A family run hotel with a very good restaurant that will delight you. It is also very popular with the escort service and not without reason. The very beautiful and wonderfully located hotel offers comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms, where you do not have to do without modern achievements. A hotel to feel good in. Your escort Bremen appreciates this. In the on-site restaurant, guests are spoiled with German and international specialties. So everyone can find the right thing. For business visits there are very well-equipped conference rooms available. Mix business with pleasure.

Hotel Classico

Located in the heart of Bremen, just 10 minutes from the central station and the convention center, the Hotel Classico welcomes you. The rooms, decorated in a historic theme, offer a view of City Hall in almost every one of them. The kitchen will spoil you in the morning with an international breakfast and homemade cakes, which also can be enjoyed in the afternoon. Next to the hotel are the market square and the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. From here you can explore the old town of Bremen with its charming alleys and old hanseatic themed houses, accompanied by your escorts.