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Holiday resort, spa town, art town and international festival center - all this is Baden-Baden. That is why the city with the unmistakable double name in the west of Baden-Wuerttemberg is well known, although it counts less than 55 000 inhabitants. The actual name of the city arose to avoid confusion. Until 1931, the city was called Baden only, but was often referred to as "Baden in Baden" to distinguish it from places like Baden in Switzerland or Baden near Vienna. In conversations "Baden-Baden" was always called "Baden-Baden".

Baden-Baden has a long history because, as different archaeological proved, the region was already settled in the Middle-Ages. However, Baden-Baden came to be of great importance only in the times of the Romans, as they appreciated the hot thermal springs and finally founded a settlement with various baths in 80 AD.

Discover Baden-Baden with your escort service

There is plenty for you to discover in Baden-Baden and the surrounding area. You can get all the important information about the many facets of the city by using the services of a city guide. The city has a variety of theme tours, which are tailored to your interests. The focus are the city sights, for example, if you are on a guided tour of the city, while others are concerned with walking in the footsteps of famous musicians and writers; further guided tours will take you to the Black Forest or Alsace for half an or all day.

You can also go on a discovery tour without a city guide, alone or accompanied by an escort lady, to explore the churches and castles in Baden-Baden. If you like castles, the Old Castle is definitely a must. It was already built in 1102 as "Hohenbaden" and served for a long time as the seat of the margraves of Baden. Steep steps want to be climbed and dark dungeons explored. From panoramic terraces you have a breathtaking view over Baden-Baden, the Rheinebene as well as the Black Forest.

Also a former residence of the margraves of Baden represents the new castle, which as well as its gardens can unfortunately not be visited since it is in private ownership and will soon be converted into a fancy hotel complex. But also from the outside it is worth a look at the beautiful area.

A special sight is the Russian Church of the City of Baden-Baden. The golden dome of the church, built between 1880 and 1882 in Byzantine style, can be seen from afar! But the Romanian-Orthodox Stourdza Chapel in the romantic setting of the Michaelsberg as well as the medieval monastery of Lichtenthal at the end of Lichtenthaler Allee are also worth a visit. The Church of St. Christophorus, on the other hand, is a very different sight. This is a modern church building in pyramid form made of glass, wood, concrete and slate, which you can find at the motorway exit "Raststätte Baden-Baden".

Experience Baden-Baden together with your escort lady

During your visit to Baden-Baden you should definitely visit the gallop racecourse in Iffezheim. Experience the excitemen together with an escort lady and not least culinary delicacies at one of the international galloping novelties!

Baden-Baden has certainly one of the most famous casino in the world - after all, it is the most traditional casino in Germany, with a history of 250 years. The atmosphere in the casino of Baden-Baden is unique, but the neo-classical building was modeled on the French royal houses. Experience an exciting night at the casino in charming accompaniment! But even if you are not interested in gambling, you can take a look at Baden-Baden's casino, because there are guided tours of the house in the morning.

Music lovers will be well taken care of at the Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden. The second largest opera house in the world attracts with excellent acoustics, one of the best in the world. Ballet festivals, opera festivals, spectacular productions or concerts of famous orchestras and their conductors - if you would like to experience a real ear candy, your accompaniment service will gladly assist you with the booking of the tickets.

But sometimes you have to take it very calmly and let your mind go. If you just want to relax, there are many possibilities, because Baden-Baden is a very green city, which also has something for nature lovers. Parks and gardens invite you to stroll and relax.

Hotels and gastronomy for your and your escort Baden-Baden

For a city like Baden-Baden, which attracts many international guests every year, it is important that you meet the needs of the most varied guests. This is true for hotels and guesthouses as well as for culinary delights. In Baden-Baden you will find what you are looking for, because in the hotel landscape of the city you will find five-star luxury hotels as well as romantic hotels, cozy guest houses and holiday apartments. The choice of restaurants and inns is also great, so that you can enjoy international gourmet food or traditional Baden specialties.

To ensure that your choice is not a pain, we have compiled a list of hotel and restaurant recommendations for you. Do not hesitate to contact your escort service for further questions.



Hotel Magnetberg

+49 7221 364-0


Hotel Deutscher Kaiser im Centrum

+49 7221 270-0


Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel

+49 7221 934-0


Romantikhotel „Der Kleine Prinz“

+49 7221 34 66 00


Restaurants & Guest houses

Gasthof Auerhahn

+49 7221 74 35


Gourmetrestaurant J.B. Messmer

+49 7221 301 26 40


Restaurant Canzley

+49 7221 85 89 905


L'Opera Romano

+49 7221 30 87 90


Gasthaus Löwenbräu

+49 (0) 7221 30 6-0


Hotel am Friedrichsbad mit Prager Stuben

+49 7221 39 63 40


Restaurant Sterntaler

+49 (0) 7221 30 33 00