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Useful for operating the website

Under the leading ladies other escort ladies will appear in a rotating manner (pictures change with each new page request). If you select an escort lady, you can go back with your browser back arrow if you would like to see the previous lady again. The view is loaded from the cache. If you use the back button on your mouse, the lady (rotating on) is no longer shown, since the rotation is on. On the profile page of each lady you have the option by clicking the arrow buttons (top left) can look at other profiles. You do not have to return to the home page. If the function "Show All" is uesd, you go back to the overview of all ladies. There is also a directory tree on the left next to the arrow keys. If you choose a city, all profiles are related to the selected city. Explanation browser: representation of sites on the Internet eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, T-Online, AOL Explorer, to name a few. Refresh your browser regularly to ensure you always use all the features and see new texts and images. We try to optimize our website so that with (almost) every browser you have the same experience. The BACK function is usually left up as an arrow before the displayed URL = website address (eg http://actrice-escort.de) Explanation cache: cache [kæʃ] described a fast buffer in the computer memory, which prevents access to a slow background medium or time-consuming re-calculations where possible. (Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cache)

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