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Spontaneity – short-term requests

Our escort ladies are very happy to receive your requests and give their best in order to make spontaneous appointments possible.

But spontaneity has its limits, too.

Especially in large cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt a request only 1 hour in advance cannot be realized.

The escort lady wants to prepare for your meeting, maybe fulfill your special wishes and in addition the time to get to you can often be more than one hour in the metropolitan area, where traffic might be busy.

Appointments that shall be held during the day, usually require further planning at their main occupation, or the shifting of private appointments or obligations, so a request of 1-2 days in advance is very much appreciated.

When the meeting is planned for the same evening, a request around or before lunchtime would be advantageous. This makes sure the escort has enough time to plan her day.

Of course we will always be trying to make your spontaneous requests possible as well.

For travel bookings or booking requests, which include travelling outside the cities mentioned in the profile, the ladies usually ask for a booking overnight, which may also lead to the necessity of a deposit.

We gladly advise you by phone and explore the possibilities with you.

Please make sure to send your request for a travel booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance, so the deposit still arrives on time and the lady can book her flight or train ticket at a reasonable price.

We are very pleased to arrange a nice meeting for you and advise you if necessary.

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