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SM - Bizarre Erotica - Fetish and what your lust desires

We refer to the topic SM active and passive compared to soft submissive and dominant in our Escort ABC.

You are looking for a playmate in the field of SM? You will find ladies who want to live out this preference and variety of SM with you on the website Actrice Escort as well. The selection or the profiles can be found at the end of the entry for SM in the Escort ABC.

Since the field of SM, or bizarre erotica, as well as fetish, is so diverse, the ladies have created a small catalog for your requests, which lists their preferences and possibilities very specifically.

We will make this catalog available on request only for a specific booking request on behalf of the selected escort lady.

You will find a special terrain for your lust and passion, which you can enjoy with the lady of your choice, detached from the classic escort service.

Since we do not want to create a category for bizarre erotica, you will find the specific ladies in the Escort ABC under the topic SM. There is also an addition below the description in the profile of those ladies, which shows that they like to live out the area SM. Only these displayed ladies would want to implement the SM game with you at a meeting. Other ladies do not have this addition in their description and would possibly act only in the soft submissive or soft dominant area. Please carefully study the erotic possibilities and preferences in the profile of the lady.

For a meeting that should be an SM session, the lady requests an increase of the regular escort fee by 25% in each case.

In order for both to experience the full enjoyment, you should already clearly explain your wishes in your booking request, so that the lady can already imagine how a meeting with you and the process is desired. With this information, the lady can prepare accordingly and also clothing wishes or certain items to bring with her can be taken into account.

If you are not quite sure yet, if the lady is the right one for your SM wish, then we will gladly announce the possibilities and ideas of the lady with the help of the above mentioned catalog.

A visit to a SM location chosen by you would certainly be a nice idea to give you a new way to express and live out your special passion. But also a hotel visit should not stop you from enjoying those moments.

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