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Open letter from an escort lady: Regarding cancellations

... I recently received a request for a date, which excites me every time. I moved a business appointment and also cancelled an invitation to a private birthday party to take time for the customer and to be there for him throughout.

I bought new suspenders and a dress a couple of days before the meeting. I arranged the clothing on my dresser and thought about what kind of jewelry and makeup I would wear. When the day of the date came, I began to prepare myself 2 hours before I had to start driving, so I could be on time at the desired location. I departed and was in good spirits. Suddenly, about 45 min. before the starting time, I got the cancellation of the customer through the agency, shortly before my arrival at the destination.

A mixture of anger and disappointment came over me. Since I had spared no effort and thought about the upcoming meeting, to prepare a nice evening and a hot night the customer stood me up. It is absolutely natural that the customer perceives such bookings as recreational and that I am the provider of a service. Nevertheless, I do not see myself as a designer jeans that you simply cancel online because one has found a different one on the internet, which seems to be more beautiful. It would be desirable if a booking is made, that it is a sure thing.

Of course, professional or private events can lead to cancelling a meeting with a lady, but there should never be a lack of sincerity to really want to meet the lady. Here, however, I had the impression that the customer was not aware of how much effort it takes to show him a good time. He was, however, aware that 45 min. would be much too short notice since the time to get to the meeting point was over one and a half hours, so I was already on the way and he knew the driving time necessary to get to him.

Probably not everyone is aware what amount of work is behind all that and at the end all that stays is a huge disappointment, when a meeting does not take place as agreed. From my time spent and expenses I had up to the time spent by the Agency for mediation and the arrangement, that is something that does not interest the customer at all and he is not heard of ever again.

I was very grateful for reliable bookings and I will be in the future, as this is a special service that is offered incl. planning and taking into account the wishes of the customer, the conversations and a nice meal up to an unforgettable time. Thank you for your understanding.

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