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Marlene ensures a memorable afternoon

Dear Heike,

It was an amazing afternoon! I cannot thank you guys enough! It was well worth the wait and research! 

Thanks so much in so many levels for the appointment. It was amazing! I cannot thank you guys enough for providing such an enriching service for lonesome men like me. I am back at home and I guess I have to count the days until I seek your assistance again. Hopefully time will fly. Once again I am extremely grateful and look forward for the next appointment! 

Dear Marlene,

I am back home and I have time to reflect on our passionate encounter. I would like to thank you for the most memorable afternoon in years. It was truly wonderful in all levels. Not only the physical, but the intellectual intimacy was enriching in so many different ways. I felt blessed that I was given the opportunity to explore our intimate encounter with such passion and ardor. I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful and enriching afternoon. I will savor it until we meet the next time. 


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