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It shall not be...

Dear Friends & Customers, Last week I mentioned that I had taken on an assistant, Jessica, who would be helping me in the agency starting on 1st February. I'm sorry to have to tell you now that Jessica will not be joining Actrice Escort after all: she gave notice during the initial training phase. This means that I will continue to be your sole contact person: apparently it's simply not possible to find an assistant for the agency who is interested in a long-term commitment, and I am not willing to accept a compromise here. This wouldn't be in my own interest, nor in yours as a valued customer. Thus I hope you'll understand that there may be times in future when the agency is closed – everyone needs a break, and that includes me! I will probably take some holiday over Easter and at Christmas: please check the Actrice Escort blog for details, which I will post there well in advance. Please also note our business hours, during which I'll be happy to accept your enquiries. Of course I'll do my best to fill spontaneous bookings, but your date has the best chance of working out with 1-2 days advance notice. For detailed information, please go to http://www.actrice-escort.de/buchungsinformationen.html Thank you again for your understanding and patience! Heike

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