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Immediately, visitable, fee, travels – Escort as requested

It would be nice if a lady could always be with you immediately...

Unfortunately the main job often doesn’t make that possible, or the meeting place is located at a greater distance to the residence of the lady and the time to get to you was not considered. Perhaps the lady already has something else arranged or a private obligation, which really cannot be canceled and thus only a later beginning would be possible.

Nevertheless, we happily try to forward your spontaneous inquiries to the escort ladies, but already the traffic in a big city can make it impossible for the lady to be with you within 30 minutes. For example, a journey across Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin can take more than an hour.

The escort ladies will also be delighted to receive your wishes regarding what they should wear and would like to prepare for the meeting with you. Some gentlemen also have a special wish which the ladies would like to fulfill, but which cannot be done in five minutes, e.g. the painting of the nails in a special color or that the lady pins up her hair.

There are also frequent requests to visit the escort models. None of the ladies can be visited and no apartments or other premises are available. The ladies are looking forward to your invitation to a hotel or to your home. Also some ladies may visit a swingers club with you, just take a look at our Escort-ABC under the entry swingers club.

The ladies also agreed on a uniform fee and ask to refrain from negotiating fees, as this creates a negative mood and the meeting can no longer be enjoyed apart from everyday life for both sides.

An inquiry to a lady can only be made with specific details (day, time, duration, place, possibly the hotel or if you want a house visit, your address and also gladly your wishes to the lady). Please note that a general availability cannot be requested from the ladies. We would be glad to give you information about whether a specific day is still available and about the possible bookability of the lady.

Likewise, the ladies ask for 100% reliability in your inquiry. Of course there is always the possibility that a cancellation is necessary, but you should be sure that the meeting can be held as agreed, since a cancellation is always saddening and the lady could not confirm any other meeting.

We also need your mobile phone number, which is necessary so we can reach you if anything unforeseen happens on the day of the meeting (e.g. a delay of the lady). A booking is not possible with a call from a private or withheld number.

Please understand this safety measure is a must. We promise to handle your data discreetly and the lady will not receive your phone number. We will also not contact you on any other time (emergency on the day of the meeting excluded) and thus keep absolute discretion. We just would like to ensure the number of fake bookings will not rise further.

For a house visit the correct address is mandatory. As soon as the lady confirms the meeting, a proof is required that shows that you are living at the address given. This is possible, for example, via a telephone book entry, a website with the desired details or a copy of your identity card. Without such proof, the ladies have to decline the house visits subsequently.

For a travel booking or a journey outside of the special offers in the profile of the ladies, the escort ladies also ask for a deposit. The processing usually takes 1-2 weeks, so please make sure you planned your meeting early enough.

Inquiries for a bachelor party or more than 2 gentlemen who wish to book only one lady cannot be accepted. The safety of the lady is our first and most important goal, which cannot be guaranteed here. On the other hand, the new ProstSchG (law for the safety and protection of prostitutes in Germany) forbids these bookings in some respects.

We thank you for the consideration and are very happy to hear from you and forward your booking requests to the independent escort ladies.

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