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Fee adjustments as of 01.01.2016

Dear clients, dear friends,

In May 2012 we allowed ourselves an adjustment of the fees for the first time ever in the range of 2-4 hour bookings. Now, after the agency exists for nearly 9 years, we kindly ask you to take note of the new fees beginning with 5 hours and the following. They are valid as of 01.01.2016. You can find the fees in the profile of each lady.

After consulting each one of them, the ladies wished that adjustment and it also represents the average fees in the middle price segment of other agencies working in the market.

We hope for your understanding that the ladies would like to have their fees adjusted. In general each lady can define her own fee. But the ladies do not want a classification such as “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” or “different”, “better”, “super…”.

The escort ladies agreed uniformly to have identical fees in their profiles.

For meetings in 2016 that were already confirmed in 2015 the old fees are still valid!

Kind regards and thank you for your attention,


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