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Escort over 40 - charming accompaniment

Escort over 40

On our advertising platform, ladies of every age group can be listed. A lot of ladies decide to enter the life of escort when they are over 40 and make their passion a part-time job.

But what exactly is the charm here?

On the one hand, women over 40 are more aware of their own sexuality than a lady who is only in her twenties. Studies show that, from the age of 40, the sexuality can be enjoyed much more intensely and more consciously.

On the other hand, women of a more mature age are more desired in escort than ever before. Nothing is more attractive than life experience, a certain physical and mental maturity and the guarantee to feel comfortable no matter what occasion.

Mature ladies are preferred by men of the same age or elderly gentlemen, so a dinner or a theater visit does not turn out conspicuously for the gentleman, which can occur with a high age difference once the gentleman has passed his 60s and is accompanied by a lady of 25 years. It goes without saying that every gentleman should choose the lady he wishes for the perfect escort, but men are more and more interested in the escort ladies who "fit" and who are equal, intelligent communicators. A woman with an academic background and being at the best age is attractive and a perfect companion.

Younger gentlemen often want to experience an adventure and consciously choose ladies who are older than themselves and where they can benefit from their life experience. Many young men have this fantasy and in escort service this dream can quickly come true. Especially in combination with role-playing, mature ladies are interesting and we are happy to help you choose the right lady.

Often, mature escort ladies are more open-minded and versatile than their younger counterparts. An escort lady, who is aware of her own wishes, can often express and implement them better than younger or inexperienced ladies. Age does not necessarily mean experience in the field of escort, but the advantages speak for themselves.

A good physical awareness, suitable and appealing clothes, a well-groomed appearance and an eloquent expression are prerequisites for an interesting escort lady. This is often an automatic feature with increasing age and entices more and more mature ladies to opt for escort services as a secondary occupation. Especially special wishes such as 100% real seam nylons or corsets are more often fulfilled by more mature ladies and belong to their basic equipment.

Ladies in their 50s are also highly demanded and love to be able to express themselves in escort.

Looking for an eloquent, mature companion with charm, style and charisma, you will surely find what you wish for on our website. For example, use the filter in the ladies search on our homepage. Here you can, among other things, limit the age and only display ladies > 40 years. Whether in the metropolitan areas of Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Hanover, the independent escort service is also available throughout Germany and the ladies look forward to your request.

Of course, young ladies are just as much in demand and very welcome to a listing on our advertising platform.

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