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Communication in escort service - whatsapp

You certainly are familiar with this – you just want to quickly send a message

- and then one message after the other is written and actually a call would have been much better...

Increasingly we also receive booking requests via whatsapp - the cheap and easy way of communication.

However, it is not possible for us to manage the whatsapp messages to your satisfaction. This has technical reasons and personal reasons on the other side, since your requests are important to us and we want to use the best possible way to communicate.

As you surely know, if you are a user of whatsapp, you can install your account only on one cell phone. The use of multiple mobile devices with the same phone number is not possible, yet.

Since we as an agency use the same phone number, but work with several phones, it is difficult to always closely monitor the cell phone, especially if the person using the mobile phone where whatsapp is installed is not in charge of forwarding request that day.

Unfortunately that makes it impossible to process your requests via whatsapp properly and you quite possibly miss a timely response to your message.

In order to respond to your request quickly and efficiently as usual, we are particularly pleased if you choose to call us for the initial contact with our agency.

Direct communication is highly appreciated and we can advise you more efficiently and answer open questions.

Of course, we also know that a call is not always possible immediately and discreetly and planning a beautiful meeting should be handled as easily and discreetly as possible.

However, we as the agency, can get all the desired data and your wishes in a short telephone conversation, what makes it possible to quickly forward them to the escort lady, so nothing stands in the way of a wonderful and fulfilling escort meeting.

Additionally you of course have the possibility to book via email or to send SMS (text message) if necessary, especially if you have already booked with us before and no or hardly any questions are open for you.

There is also a booking form available in each profile of the escorts.

In this you can specify all the important details that a lady needs to confirm your booking request.

We are very pleased to hear from you and of course to give you advice!

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