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Business hours – availability of ladies for your requests

Surely you have already noticed our business hours.

We are pleased to be available to you by phone and email Monday through Friday between 11am and 8pm, and Saturdays as well as Sundays from 12pm until 4pm ECT.

During this period, we can forward you booking inquiries to the escort ladies and will always try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Of course we are available to you outside office hours for the announcement of a room number and / or a meeting point for an already confirmed meeting.

This may be necessary due to a late arrival at the hotel, or you are late because of a traffic jam, because the train or your flight arrive late or a business meeting lasted a few minutes longer than planned.

However, we are not able to be reached around the clock and inquiries after 8 pm (on weekends after 4 pm) for the same evening are not often feasible.

The ladies offer the escort service in addition to their main work or study, within their spare time.

If no request is received by closing time, the ladies plan their evening otherwise and are no longer available for a meeting.

Of course, we try to make your spontaneous requests possible, too, and we always do our best to find you a nice date.

We kindly ask for your understanding, that we are bound to certain times, too.

You surely know how nice it is to put away or turn off the cell phone on your day off or in the evening and just relax.

Should you - for example - plan an escort meeting for the morning of the next day (Wake-Up-Service), the ladies appreciate a request the day before, so that, if necessary, they are able to start work late that day.

We are looking forward to your request, are happy to answer your questions and are always open for suggestions.

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