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Agency information: new assisant Dana

With effect from Monday 2. June 2014, Dana will supporting the agency as my new assistant. In June Dana will be working part-time to give her a chance to familiarise herself with all the different aspects of the agency's work. Her main responsibility will be to accept your enquiries and pass them on to the escort lady concerned, and to take care of all questions arising to ensure that each booking runs smoothly. Please give her a chance to get to "know the ropes": any new job involves all kinds of new challenges, and as the proverb goes, Rome wasn't built in a day! In particular, Dana may need to ask you one or two questions that I might not ask because I know your preferences from previous bookings. The more detail you provide on what you want, the sooner Dana can expect an answer from the escort lady. My thanks in advance for your understanding if Dana needs a little more time at the outset to deal with your bookings: once she has settled in at Actrice, you can look forward to the same speedy service that you are used to. I hope that things will soon be running smoothly again with Dana's help, and that Actrice Escort will continue to be your first choice for life's special moments… Heike.

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