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10 years Actrice Escort - past and future

As if it had been yesterday ... At the end of 2006, the idea of ​​self-employment and the founding of an escort agency, aimed at giving independent escort ladies a platform on which they are not only presented optimally with their profile, but also an excellent care is offered, grew inside me.

The goals were divided into areas such as market analyzes, a business plan, advertising platforms and advertising partners, at that time still learning HTML coding, the most important rules of the largest search engine, learning about website design and general design, and much more.

After the first structure was formed and the website design took shape in the background, I was still looking for interested escort ladies in the Hamburger Abendblatt (newspaper).

The interest in the beginning was still a bit restrained – which is also understandable, since a good name must earn its "spurs".

In January 2007 I started with a few escort ladies.

It was very relaxed in the beginning, although every day was a workday, 7 days a week. As always, I started early in the morning and finished late at night. Armed with Filofax and cellphone, the meetings for the ladies could still be made on the road and I did not have to spend every minute in front of the PC or laptop. Nowadays this is impossible, because with the information-richness, even with best will and the most modern technology, today much can only be done specifically on the PC and / or laptop and also two monitors are common nowadays.

2007 was the year the escort service had a huge run. The first interview request came in, the live performance in the program Nachtcafé with Wieland Backes was done, a radio interview was given in Stuttgart ... and that is how cheerfully went on.

An increase in the number of interested ladies could be seen and we all enjoyed this exciting adventure escort.

The website had to be adapted to new circumstances and / or search engine optimization, and the advertising spread to various advertising partners in the meantime, in order to make the agency more well-known and convincingly presented by its work performance. Contracts with the ladies were always adapted to the circumstances and we all learned much about ourselves during this time, dealing with others and the topic of escort in general.

The conversations with the ladies were, as they still are today, personally guided and the joy looking forward to the new and the special life of an escort was almost tangible and so present, that it could not be forgotten even in private life. I devoted myself completely to my work as the owner of the company and was so proud of what I had created and how many people liked to make use of it.

The peak in escort were the years 2009-2012.

There was so much encouragement and so much need in this area that many ladies felt it was normal to want to be an escort lady and many gentlemen could not think away the luxury of escort.

As everyone knows, a very high supply and a high frequency often lead to a certain degree of saturation.

And, of course, there were also setbacks, discussions, conceptual adaptations and new directions.

There were satisfied and dissatisfied escort ladies as well as among their customers, gentlemen, who did not get enough of their escort ladies and other gentlemen, for who the escort should only remain a unique experience.

It has always been difficult for me not to make it right for everyone (it is in my nature), but the realization that this is not possible caused me to want to be even more involved in the consultation, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the escort business.

Hardly a topic brings so much ignorance and different views with it like escort service and is also not always welcome in society.

Nevertheless, it was and still is my need to take account of and stick to my goals, the values, the cooperation and the subject itself.

That is why it is so important to me that I am able to offer the self-employed women an advertising platform where they can not only be listed with a profile, but can also profit from the experience, the work-life, the professionalism and the wide-ranging service.

Likewise, the clients of the escort ladies are still supported as much as possible in their request and receive the desired consultation on the basis of the escort ladies' data.

I would like to have another 10 years of people who value the special accompaniment, pursue their activity with joy and dedication and feel the togetherness which is increasingly lost in society.

I would like to thank all of you, dear escort ladies, as well as their clients, dear ladies and gentlemen, for your interest, your loyalty, your commitment to a harmonious meeting, your desire for the "more" in togetherness.

I would also like to thank the people who constantly confirm me in my work and the many little helpers who help me with advice and deeds, and through their outstanding achievements in their profession help me realize my goals.

A special thanks to my faithful assistant, Dana, who, through her energetic work, shares with me a huge load of everyday problems and difficulties, challenging them tirelessly.


Yours, Heike

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