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Dear visitors & friends of Actrice Escort,

We'd like to put you in the picture with a little more information about ourselves.

My name is Heike, and I'm delighted to welcome you to our website. Actrice Escort is an advertising platform for independent escort ladies, who offer their escort service, that has been online since January 2007.

Heike Gaumer - advertising platform Actrice Escort

Actrice-Escort-Escort Service-advertising portal
Actrice-Escort-Escort Service-advertising portal

More information

You can arrange a date with an escort lady by calling us, by sending us an e-mail, or by using the booking form for the escort lady you want to meet.

The more detail you provide in your booking, the sooner we can ask the escort lady if she wants to accept the booking.

In general, you can reach us by phone and email to info@actrice-escort.com Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays/Sundays and also on holidays from 12 midday to 4 p.m. Our phone no. is +49 (0) 177 – 705 26 31.

If you have already arranged a date to take place outside our office hours, you can of course get hold of us by phone, e.g. to pass on any further details of the meeting place.

You will find all the information on each escort lady in her profile, including fees and travelling expenses.

Please note that all ladies either have a daytime job or are students, so that they cannot accept short-term bookings at any time day or night. If you book in good time, we should be able to arrange a meeting with the lady of your choice.

On the homepage there is additional booking information and we also draw your attention to the fact that each of our escort ladies works on a self-employed basis.

The ladies offer their time, not any erotic services. It is entirely up to you and the escort lady to decide how you want to spend your time together. Any wishes you communicate to us will of course be passed on unchanged to the escort lady.

Please read the booking information and conditions carefully, likewise the information on fees and travelling expenses, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you need any further information on the escort service, please don't hesitate to ask us!

Let us finish by wishing you an enjoyable time on our website. We have every confidence you will find the right escort lady to ensure a rendezvous that is full of harmony and pleasure.

Legal regulations


We are available to you Monday – Friday from 11.00 to 20.00, and Saturday/Sunday from 12.00 to 16.00. During office hours you can contact us by phone under +49 (0) 177 – 705 26 31 and by e-mail under info@actrice-escort.de.

Your booking request and any arrangement of an escort service that your enquiry may lead to does not create a contractual relationship between you and the advertising platform Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

The Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is only used by the escort lady for the advertisment of the profile and, if necessary, by commissioning the office service and the date coordination and receives from the escort a commission for its work (advertising, running the website, phone service, date coordination etc.). As a client of the lady, the Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) service doesn’t cost you anything.

We recommend that you submit your booking request in good time. The escorts decide themselves how to spend their free time, so that we can only confirm your request for a date after we have spoken to the escort concerned. As soon as we receive your request, we will get in touch with the escort lady and will get back to you with confirmation as soon as possible.

The escorts decide for themselves and at their own discretion whether to accept or turn down a booking. In the event that they accept the booking, you make a contract directly with the escort lady. The escorts work on a freelance basis – generally parallel to their job or studies – and perform services on their own account. Thus you should pay the fee for the escort service directly to the escort lady. The escort continues to decide for herself and in agreement with you, whether to extend the meeting or even to terminate it.


You should give the fee that you agreed to pay the escort lady to the escort at the beginning of the rendezvous, in cash (Euro) in an unsealed envelope.

The amount payable depends on the duration of the time spent or to be spent with the escort lady. The fee does not represent remuneration for any specific service. You determine in agreement with the escort lady how you want to spend the time with her. Information on the escorts’ individual interests and preferences can be found in their profiles. Here you will also find information on any travelling costs you may have to pay if the escort travels a longer distance to meet you.

You can extend the duration of your meeting with the escort lady. If you do choose to extend the booking, the escort will ask you to pay the additional fee in cash before the beginning of the extra time.

The fee specified by the escorts applies to a single person in all cases. Should you book two or more escorts, the fee must be paid to each escort separately. If more than one client books an escort, the specified fee is multiplied by the number of clients making the booking.

If you book an escort to join you as a couple (man and woman), the escort will charge a supplement of 50% of the fee specified above.

Travelling expenses

You will find more detailed information on any travelling expenses payable in the escorts’ individual profiles. In addition to the cost of plane or train tickets, the lady will charge you a travelling allowance. This travelling allowance covers all the escort’s expenses for taxi rides, meals and the time spent travelling to and from the destination of your choice. The plane and/or train journey to the destination of your choice will be charged for separately according to the actual costs incurred.


Should you book a meeting of 24 hours or longer with an escort lady, the escort will ask you to pay a deposit in advance amounting to 30% of the fee agreed.

In the event that the escort needs to travel a longer distance to meet you, i.e. if she incurs travelling expenses, you must advance the expected travelling expenses to the escort in accordance with the agreement you have made with her.

You can pay the deposit or the advance by bank transfer to the account stated below. We will accept your payment on behalf of the escort and pass it on to the lady concerned. After the arrival of the deposit, the booking is binding. The escort lady will reserve the time booked exclusively for you. We will of course notify you as soon as we receive your payment.

Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
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Escort service – Do you already know everything about it?

Due to the growing media presence, escort as well as escort service becomes more interesting and appealing to the masses every day.

What exactly is escort and why does MAN or even WOMAN use the escort service?

First, let me introduce myself to let you know who would like to tell you about one of the most popular topics in this case.

My name is Heike Gaumer and I have been running the advertising platform Actrice Escort for escort services for over 13 years.

In the course of time, I was able to gain much experience, to deal with some situations in the field of escort and to get to know both the booking person and the escort ladies intensively. If I should report deeply, I would have to write a book - or two or three - but I will try to get you a little closer to the subject.

What is escort or escort service?

The word escort has different meanings, but at this point I do not mean a US vehicle manufacturer or a naval vessel of the English Navy.

I mean escort as accompaniment. At Actrice Escort I also talk about the escort all around. Ladies in the escort service are mainly employed in other areas, or attend colleges, do not see escort as their main job and enjoy the flirt with adventure and erotic tension.

The escort ladies are self-employed and use an advertising platform to display their profiles and sometimes also the office service and the appointment coordination, similar to an escort agency. This can have several reasons – e.g. that there is a lack of time to arrange a meeting and the resulting contact with the customer - or no own assets for the website and advertising in order to become an independent lady - or the issue of security is an immense one for the escort lady and she can trustfully contact the advertiser's office.

Despite all this you are the direct customer of independent ladies and not the advertising platform.

Even if an inquiring customer can only claim the time of an escort lady, the wishes and expectations of the customers will not stay a secret for long. These wishes are forwarded by us in total to the corresponding escort lady. Thus the escort lady is free in her decision, whether she would agree to the request - or not. The more the lady knows about the customer's expectations, the better she can react to them.

Please trust us, because only when you communicate, a date can meet your expectations. This does not mean that every lady is the right one for every customer ... At Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) we will be glad to assist you with the choice of the suitable accompaniment.

Where is the difference to other offers in the erotic business?

Escort stands for accompaniment of a special kind, which does not only have to be of erotic nature.

It is up to the chemistry between the escort lady and her customer, whether the meeting is an erotic experience.

What makes you contact an escort agency or an advertising platform?

Notwithstanding the fact that men rather than women belong to the clientele of an escort lady, we all know the everyday problems of a relationship. Needs, the origin of which are found in the nature of mankind, want to be satisfied. We long for closeness, the exchange of tenderness or simply something new.

First and foremost, escort service is used to enjoy the togetherness in a sheltered atmosphere and not to miss the necessary discretion with a visit to establishments with many like-minded people.

Just as important, as valued by you as a customer, is the flexibility with which the escort ladies can adapt themselves to the situations. Whether sporty or elegant, the ladies always wear an optimal outfit, cultivate the appropriate forms of contact, and show the customers a high degree of appreciation. Therefore it is not surprising that the eroticism sometimes takes a back seat.

Who is the typical client?

Maybe there are suppressed expectations and longings in a relationship, which are not comprehensible for or shared by the partner, or a relationship is not even considered due to time constraints. As diverse as the wishes of the customers, the customers themselves are so different, you cannot define an exact type of man.

Some customers book regularly after they developed a taste, while others notice, after the first date, that escort cannot satisfy emotional needs like love and don’t book anymore.

Apart from individuals, we regularly get inquiries from couples who want to experience something else besides the swinger club or do not want to visit such clubs, for reasons of privacy.

Men like to use escort, but this does not diminish their love for their partner, because that is a completely different bond, which has to face every day challenges, worries and needs. This bond is different and usually not needed or similar with an escort lady.

If necessary, escort includes everything from the first acquaintance, through that warm feeling and tingling in the belly, to the erotic conclusion, whatever the heart of the customer desires and all without any obligation.

Escort is also available for the accompaniment to a dinner - whether in a social setting or alone. Or the accompaniment to events of different kinds, just as the customer desires.

Escort should be seen as something special, just like the person that accompanies you.

I'm sure there are still a few sequels to the topic. If you do not want to wait for news, please feel free to ask me directly - or visit our website...

Yours Heike

Owner of Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Worth knowing

Some terms that are used in escort service and therefore on the website need a more detailed explanation.

If you have questions, I will gladly advise you.

Girlfriend sex
“Girlfriend sex” at the escort service refers to a lady who will escort you as if she was your girlfriend or partner.

In public, she will behave discretely and affectionately.

As far as the escort service is concerned, the focus is on mutual pleasure. The lady is both tender and passionate, but she doesn’t only want to pamper you – she wants to enjoy herself too!

You enjoy giving pleasure to an escort lady, tenderness and closeness are important to you. You set store by erotic harmony, but you also value common interests outside the bedroom.

Even if not all escort ladies specifically offer “girlfriend sex” in their list of services, you may still be able to enjoy this with the escort of your choice – that’s entirely up to you and the lady.

Escort for couples

Do you like the idea as a couple of expanding your erotic horizons by getting an escort lady to join you?

If so, check under “Duo” or in the list of services under escort service for couples/couple escort to find those ladies with whom you can enjoy an exciting and titillating threesome.

You can also see from the individual profiles whether an escort is bisexual or not.

We’ll be happy to give you any further information you want on the individual escort ladies.

More information can be found in our Escort-ABC.


Please note the following information:

According to the Bavarian Hygiene Ordinance § 6 of 16. May 2001, prostitutes and their clients are required to use condoms: “Female and male prostitutes and their clients are required to use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse.” Oral intercourse is also classified as sexual intercourse, and can transmit illnesses such as hepatitis und syphilis when practised without protection.

This should be borne in mind when booking ladies in Bavaria.


You should also pay attention to the ordinance on off-limits areas (German “Sperrbezirksverordnung”).

Prostitution brochure

Even though we do not classify escort models as prostitutes, and even though you are booking the lady of your choice solely for a limited time, erotic contact may still occur. In these cases, the above-mentioned laws apply.


Furthermore we would also like to point out the new legislation:

Since 1 July 2017, the Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG) has come into effect. For more information in German, please click here: About the ProstSchG - Source Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection