Vinyl/Latex/Leather fetish

The vinyl fetish, often also associated with latex or leather fetish, is a preference in specific clothing made from vinyl, latex or leather. The main focus of this fetish is the sexual arousal which the person gets from looking at it or wearing clothes made out of these specific types of fabric. The fetish extends from the visual to the touchable impulses of a person. The shiny and soft material often appeal to a person in an erotic and sexual way. Clothing made from vinyl, latex or leather is also usually very skin tight and shows off a person’s figure and body shape very well. Touching the material also appeals to many people who love the look and feel of vinyl, latex and leather and it stimulates them in a sexual way since it is mostly worn during sex and not taken off. Another feature of this specific type of clothing, which cannot be forgotten about, is the squeaky, rubbery sounds it makes when worn and moved around in. All in all, this fetish really appeals to all your senses including taste and smell.

Versatile - actively and passively

The robustness of leather also makes it especially interesting for the SM scene and the latex fetish itself is a very popular fetish to come across. Since the leather material is very immune to the SM variety it is preferably worn. Clothing made of vinyl is also very popular in the SM scene and dress code. There are two very distinctive types of the latex fetish to be found: The “passive” vinyl fetish describes people who enjoy looking at any clothing made of the material. The “active” vinyl fetish on the other hand describes people wearing clothing made of vinyl who also get aroused from the act of wearing it themselves. It is important that the clothing is skin tight to be able to feel the material directly on the skin.

Especially latex clothing has a certain distinctive rubber-like smell to it which some people find arousing while others are turned off by it. Therefore it is important to know your partner’s likes and dislikes before squeezing into a super tight latex skin. This is probably the biggest issue with the fetish: It is not easy at all to put on and wear an outfit made of a stubborn material such as latex. In addition to its unruly and unforgiving character it is also not breathable and can lead to lots of sweating during intense physical activity.

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