Verbal Eroticism

Verbal eroticism include a huge variety of different types of communication. In the past it was used to describe the bragging about sexual encounters, adventures or fantasies without necessarily sticking to the truth at all times.

Today there is a lot more to verbal eroticism. It defines the spoken word to express sexual desires or actions and stimulate such. One of the most commonly known verbal eroticisms is probably phone sex. During phone sex, words (or even sounds) stimulate the fantasy of two people. With the right person on the other end of the line, this type of verbal eroticism can be very satisfying. Similar facts apply to the written sex in for example chat rooms online or via a smart phone. If done just right, it can also be very satisfying for both parties involved.

Sensual experience - not just for the ears

However, verbal eroticism does have its special place in sex life when being together face to face. Many couples like to spice it up with a little dirty talk during or before sex. It simply means to whisper to or even scream „dirty things“ at each other which can be quite stimulating if used correctly. This type of verbal eroticism should be discussed with the partner first to ensure that your partner is prepared and it does not come across as weird or in the worst case scenario as offensive and will ruin the atmosphere which in turn is very bad for your sex life. In general, the verbal eroticism can definitely make sex more interesting, intriguing and add arousal. The use of dirty talk is not a must. Sometimes just hearing your partner’s voice can be very sexy no matter what was said. Even announcing an orgasm at the right time can add stimulation to your partner. The verbal eroticism aids in intensifying sexual encounters or create fantasies in a situation where distance is a given (by phone or online).

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