What has changed in the escort service in 2015/2016?

You will definitely have noticed it, there is currently a high turnover in the escort service and also in the advertising platfrom Actrice Escort, which does not remain without consequences.

Why is that?

At Actrice Escort ladies are listed that provide escort services part-time.

High standards of performance in their main job and being able to unite their temporal conditions with a professional accompaniment in escort is hard and brings the escorts at the edge of their options sometimes.

Very few women can spontaneously enable a meeting during the day, because the holiday/vacation planning in the main job nowadays often has to be done months or at least weeks in advance.

For traveling, the escort must be able to plan some time in advance and often fails because of her main job - be it through high absenteeism or lack of possible representation by work colleagues.

The escort ladies can very often not hope for acceptance to be exempted for their second job, or leave the workplace earlier to enable a meeting as an escort.

Thus several women have dealt with the topic intensively at the end of 2015 or even the beginning of the new year and decided to terminate the activities of the escort service, because they cannot meet all demands.

In general, the decision is to be welcomed, since requests from the customers thus not remain unconfirmed and disappointment through a meeting that cannot be made possible can be avoided.

We, as an advertising platform between you as the customer and the escort, are presented with new challenges.

Firstly, we like the listed women to be flexible in time and neither their profession nor their private arrangements to be an obstacle in their ability to accept and confirm harmonious and relaxed meetings.

Secondly, we want to offer you as a customer of the escort lady ways to convey meetings at the desired time.

This requires a high degree of reliability and consideration of all the options on both sides.

The ladies should deal with their secondary employment in escort service very specifically from the beginning and examine whether they can meet the expectations of customers as a self-employed lady or not.

For you as a customer, it would be best if you make an inquiry only if you are sure to be able to comply with agreed deadlines - if the meeting is sure to happen - as you would expect and implement in your area of work.

Nothing is more disappointing than to look forward to a meeting and to receive a cancellation - this applies to both the escort by a refusal on the part of the customer, since the lady takes the time off her work or private time and plans everything relating to the meeting, as well as for you as a customer through a short-term cancellation by the lady because she falls ill or gets her period.

And here we return to the point that you as a customer often cannot affect the possibility for a meeting, because for example your business partner wants to change the agreed date and you want or have to meet her/his expectation, as well as an escort lady does not willfully fall ill, or cancels a meeting for non-existing reasons.

We, as an advertising platform, try to find a comfortable solution for both sides. This might be the postponement to a more convenient time, or by recommending another lady who could also be suitable for your desired meeting.

Although escort service has to be partly reconsidered in 2016, we will continue to adhere to previous proven principles and adapt to the new aspects.

We wish ourselves a friendly, respectful and tolerant cooperation and a wonderful and fulfilling meeting for you and the escort lady.

Yours sincerely,


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