The Duo

The duo is a service that some escort ladies offer here at Actrice Escort which will fulfill almost every man’s dream: having sex with two women at the same time. In private life it is called a three-some but here at Actrice Escort we like to call it a duo instead because you are booking two escort ladies at once. The ladies offer two different options of the duo to the customers. In the first option, two women will take care of the man at the same time and perform sex with him. Anything goes that goes during sex with just one escort lady but in this case 3 people are involved. However, this option does not necessarily mean that the two women will interact with each other.

The three-some – things every man should know

If you are looking for both ladies to also interact and exchange sexual favors with each other, then we recommend choosing option number two. During the bi-sexual version of the duo, the guy can, of course, participate but the women can and want to interact and indulge with each other as well, in comparison to the heterosexual version. Many men are totally into watching two women pleasuring each other, whether they become a part of it or stay passive doesn’t matter. It is important that the customer knows what he wants when booking two ladies because not every escort lady has bi-sexual tendencies and enjoys each option offered. Please keep in mind that the preferences listed online are not a checklist which needs to be completed step-by-step and all the way but rather a guide to what can or cannot take place. What ends up happening in bed (or other locations) depends on the fantasies and lust of all parties involved.

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