Anal sex

Anal sex (also called „Greek“ or „Greek erotic“) defines all sexual games in which body parts (e.g. tongue, finger, penis) or toys are used to stimulate or penetrate the anus. It does not always have to include penetration of the rectum but stimulation often leads to further activity. Anal sex is often also called “using the back door” or “doing it from behind”. Of course, there are also positions for vaginal sex from behind. Therefore, both partners have to make sure that they are talking about the same thing before getting started.

Anal sex is often a no-no with many couples because it just isn’t everyone’s coup of tea (men and women alike). If you don’t like it then you just don’t like it and no one should ever be talked into trying it. Unfortunately, many couples are too embarrassed to even mention it or bring it up as a new sex position to try. They automatically miss out on a very special experience connected to anal sex. Maybe this is one of the reasons why many customers are looking for this option in particular when booking an escort service. Anal sex is an option only - and that’s it. All preferences mentioned in the escorts’ online profiles are simply actions they are willing to perform but it must not actually take place if one of the partners does not feel comfortable enough to do so. The preference for anal sex can also depend on the daily form and may or may not be liked at a particular time. The rule „Talk is silver, silence is golden“ shall not be used in this case or in any other sexual situations as it just won’t work well and may lead to a bad experience instead.

Please be careful in all things „Greek“

Anal sex requires much more precaution than vaginal sex because the anus is not stretched enough in the beginning. It is very important that plenty of lubrication (also called „lube“) is used because nothing just glides easily in this area. Fact is, that an escort lady will perform any type of sex act with a condom only. This also applies to anal sex. Sex without a condom is a huge no-go for any escort lady and is not offered by any lady listed on Actrice Escort at any time. This applies to anal, vaginal as well as oral sex. The motto in bed is safety first.

When talking about safety first, you do not need to be scared of „using the back door“ but you should always be aware of the risks involved. The rectum is a very sensitive organ and can easily be injured which can be very painful and dangerous. Experienced escorts know the risks and will guide inexperienced customers in a playful and slow manner into performing anal sex properly so that everyone involved has a great experience. So if you have never had the experience in your personal life or never had a partner to share this experience with, then booking one of the escorts can definitely broaden your horizon and is the perfect way to experience this form of sex play. Of course, anal sex is a CAN and not a MUST for all the ladies. We are looking forward to connecting you with the right lady for this preference.

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